PowerPaint Version 2.3 Free trial

Comprehensive, free and handy image editor to create new drawings, simple image modification, image resize and enhancement in popular formats

PowerPaint is the best alternate to the windows Paint software. There are many occasions when we need a software to perform simple illustration, easy editing, create graph, and draw pictures. And it is not easy to use the Paint for everything. On the other hand, using photoshop or large image editors requires experience and time. But PowerPaint can solve the problem because it has a similar interface and commands like the Paint, but more effective. Users can edit and resize variety of files using PowerPaint, which includes the BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, PCX etc. There are also options to transfer the files from one format to another before or after resizing them. PowerPaint supports multiple window mode, and at the same time the user can transform image or draw pictures. There are also hundreds of predefined shapes, illustrations, effects, clipart, and graphs which can be used to prepare quick illustrations. Editing texts within images and capturing parts of an images are also easier if you have PowerPaing. The software is easier to use, swift in performance, usage very low disk space, and compatible with Windows operating systems. So if you like to play with images, then you should have this little image editing software in your computer. You can convert the images into other popular formats like JPG, GIF, PNG etc. after editing.
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